Are 1990’s hockey cards worth anything?

Despite dwindling offensive numbers, the 1990s still had its fair share of legends who made their debut during the decade. It’s true that the average ’90s hockey card might be worth nothing, but the same can’t be said about Brodeur’s Score RC or any of the options which made it onto the list above.

Are hockey cards from 1991 worth anything?

That’s funny if you think about it, because hockey cards in the 1991-92 season were worth $15 million to the players and owners – money worth fighting over — and yet hockey cards from that year are practically worthless today.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky 1990 card worth?

How much is a Wayne Gretzky 1990 card worth? A 1990 Wayne Gretzky Upper Deck base card graded PSA 10 is worth between $120 to $200.

What 1990s hockey cards are worth money?

Best 5 1990 Score Hockey Cards

  • 1990 Eric Lindros Score Future Superstar RC #440. Buy on eBay. Eric Lindros was the number one pick in the 1991 NHL Draft. …
  • 1990 Wayne Gretzky Score #1. Buy on eBay. …
  • 1990 Martin Brodeur Score RC #439. Buy on eBay. …
  • 1990 Mario Lemieux Score #2. Buy on eBay. …
  • 1990 Jaromir Jagr Score RC #428. Buy on eBay.
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Are old hockey cards worth anything?

The most valuable hockey cards in the hobby can easily fetch upper five and six figure price levels. Hockey card collectors are extremely passionate and many simply go crazy over some of the cards on this list…

How do I know if my cards are worth money?

The best way to see your cards value is to check previous sales data. As most cards are sold online these days, you can easily find the sales values from popular card sites.

How can I sell my old hockey cards?

4 places to sell your trading cards and sports cards

  1. eBay. eBay is likely your first thought when it comes to selling trading cards, especially online. …
  2. Buylists. Buylists, if you’re unfamiliar, are lists of cards that shops are willing to purchase from you along with their rates. …
  3. Facebook Groups. …
  4. TCGplayer.

What brand of hockey cards are worth the most?

For Hockey cards, Upper Deck is the go to brand. They command the market, and have no competition from panini or topps.

What is the rarest Wayne Gretzky card?

Heritage Auctions recently sold a rare 1979, Gem Mint 10 condition Wayne Gretzky rookie card for $3.75 million USD, which now holds the record for the most expensive hockey card ever. The card is expected to be only one of two known 1979 O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie cards with a perfect grading.

How much is a Patrick Roy rookie card worth?

15) Patrick Roy: 1986-87 Topps

This 1986-87 Topps rookie card of Patrick Roy is valued at over $300 with a high grade.

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What are the most valuable hockey cards from the 90’s?

The Must-Have Hockey Cards of 1990-91

  • 1990-91 Pro Set Stanley Cup Hologram. Thirty years later, the Stanley Cup Hologram remains the ultimate chase card for hockey card collectors. …
  • 1990-91 Score #439: Martin Brodeur RC. …
  • 1990-91 Upper Deck #356: Jaromir Jagr RC. …
  • 1990-91 OPC Premier #30: Sergei Fedorov RC.

Who was a rookie in 1990 hockey?


Season Position Player
1989–90 G Bob Essensa
1990–91 F Sergei Fedorov*
Ken Hodge Jr.
Jaromír Jágr~