Does anyone in the NHL wear 1?

It’s a tradition practically as old as the sport itself: a hockey team led onto the ice by a goaltender wearing No. 1. From Jacques Plante to Glenn Hall to Johnny Bower, goalies wearing the simple number were the starting point of rosters for decades.

Can you wear number 1 in NHL?

#1 is a number typically reserved for goalies and the following is a list of the Top 5 goalies in history to ever wear the number #1. You really cannot make a list of the best players to wear number one without naming the man who made goaltending what it is today.

Who wore number 1 in NHL?

1 – Johnny Bower. Many goalies wore the number one but the late Johnny Bower takes the top spot. As a four-time Stanley Cup Champion, a two-time Vezina Trophy winner, an all-star and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Bower will forever remain a symbol of excellence for the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.

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What numbers can you not wear in the NHL?

80, 84 and 94 are the three numbers not worn by any player that would be available. 85, 87, 96 and 97 are each worn by one player, but it is unlikely any player will request 87.

Can you wear the number 0 in NHL?

Beginning with the 1996-97 season, the NHL decreed that Nos. 0 and 00 could no longer be worn since they confused the League’s digital database; today, only No. 1 through No. 98 are allowed, No.

Does anyone wear 99 in hockey?

No, you cannot wear the number 99 in the NHL. The league officially retired the number on behalf of Wayne Gretzky in 2000. Although, five other players have wore the number 99 in the history of the NHL.

Can you wear 99 in hockey?

Wayne Gretzky’s number 99 was retired league-wide in 2000; Gretzky’s former teams the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings also separately retired his number. As of November 2021, three teams have no retired numbers: the Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks and Winnipeg Jets.

Is the number 69 banned in the NHL?

Fun fact: Desjardins and forward Melvin Angelstad (two games with the Washington Capitals in 2003-04) are the only players in NHL history to wear No. 69.

Who has worn 69 in the NHL?

He is also notable for being one of only two players in NHL history to have worn the number 69, with the other being Mel Angelstad.

Andrew Desjardins
DEL team Former teams Adler Mannheim San Jose Sharks Chicago Blackhawks
NHL Draft Undrafted
Playing career 2007–present
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Who wears 98 in the NHL?

98: Mikhail Sergachev

98 is the rarest number in NHL history. Only three players have worn it – Brian Lawton, Jesse Puljujarvi, and Mikhail Sergachev.

Does anyone wear 66 in the NHL?

No. 66 isn’t retired League-wide like No. 99 is for Wayne Gretzky. Two players have worn it since Lemieux retired from the NHL in 2006: Ho-Sang and Calgary Flames defenseman TJ Brodie in 2010-11.

Who has worn 99 in the NHL?

Since the 1950-51 season, only three players are in the number 99 club, Gretzky, Rick Dudley and Wilf Paiement.

Who wears 97 in the NHL?

6. Jeremy Roenick Makes Number 97 Famous. Before Jeremy Roenick decided to wear the number 97 in 1996, the number had never been worn in the NHL. He wore the number 27 during his time with the Blackhawks from 1989-1996, but on August 16, 1996, Roenick was traded to the Pheonix Coyotes for Alexei Zhamnov and Craig Mills …

Who wears 80 in the NHL?

Jets forward played with Matiss Kivlenieks in Columbus, late goalie passed away in July. Winnipeg Jets forward Pierre-Luc Dubois is making a sentimental jersey number change and will wear No. 80 in honour of his late teammate, Matiss Kivlenieks.

Who wears 86 in the NHL?

Jack Hughes, the number one overall draft pick for the New Jersey Devils, has chosen number 86 for his NHL number. Hughes began his career with the US National Team Development Program wearing the number 6, which had been a family number.

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Why does Sidney Crosby wear 87?

Starting with wearing #87 for being born on August 7th (8/7) 1987, Crosby’s “habits” stretch from on from there. He famously wears 1 sweat stained hat per season after every practice and game for media interviews.