Does my son need a hockey agent?

If you (or your son) isn’t good enough to be represented by a NHLPA agent, chances are you don’t need an advisor. If a player somehow slipped through the cracks of the NHLPA guys and is good enough, a college coach will find a way to contact that player. He’ll inquire with the midget, high school or junior coach.

Does my son need a hockey advisor?

Not all players and their parents have advisors, and they are by no means required, but many of those who do find them invaluable. Good advisors can also help prospective players understand and follow NCAA rules that ensure student-athletes maintain their amateur status.

At what age should a hockey player get an agent?

Agents can begin advising a player at age 14, but he likely won’t sign his first pro contract until he is 20.

Do I need a hockey agent?

As we mentioned, there is often a natural progression from needing an advisor to needing an agent. If you are a young player who is considering playing at the NCAA college level, your only option is to get an advisor as the rules don’t allow for agents.

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How much does a hockey advisor cost?

3) How much does your service cost? Answer: Our company charges a flat one-time fee of $2500. That fee gets them my services until they get to college or major junior.

What is the difference between an advisor and an agent?

While a financial advisor’s goal is to take a comprehensive view of a client’s situation and then help the client work toward those goals, an insurance agent is typically more focused on determining a client’s need that their insurance product can address.

What do hockey advisors do?

The role of an advisor is to give players and their families pros and cons of each option. It is not to place kids into low-level junior teams. It’s important to add that agents need an active NHLer to be NHLPA certified so there are a select few agencies who do things the right way even if they aren’t NHLPA certified.

Do OHL players have agents?

A key element to the Player Agent Program is maximizing OHL, QMJHL, WHL and Pro contracts. … We will ensure the contracts being offered are easily understood by our clients and their families. ​ Our Player Agent Program is the major driving force behind our hockey division.

Do NHL players have agents?

Only player agents certified by the National Hockey League Players’ Association are permitted to represent players in their dealings with NHL clubs. The NHLPA regulates the conduct of player agents under its Regulations Governing Agent Certification.

What is an NCAA advisor?

Intercollegiate athletic departments are required by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to provide student-athletes (SA) dedicated academic advisors, or Athletic Academic Advisors (AAA).

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What are the odds of making the NHL?

But making it from a youth ice hockey star to a player in the National Hockey League is very difficult to do. A player playing youth ice hockey has less than a 0.11% chance to play in the National Hockey League if they continue to play through high school from a purely statistical perspective.

Can you tryout for the NHL?

An Amateur tryout (ATO) contract exists in the NHL, the AHL and the ECHL. This type of contract is for players who are leaving college and attempting to turn professional, are done with college or are graduating from the junior leagues.

What should I ask a hockey agent?

Interview Questions for Sports Agents:

  • Can you share more about your professional experience? …
  • Have you ever had a dispute with a client? …
  • What strategies did you use to sign your most accomplished client? …
  • Have you ever lost a client? …
  • What have you done to advance the careers of your clients off the field?