Frequent question: How sharp do you want hockey skates?

Your hockey skates should be sharp enough to ensure the blades have bite and allow you to turn and stop with confidence. Sharp edges mean that the inside and outside edges of your skate blade are razor-thin, clean and without burrs or nicks.

How can you tell if hockey skates are sharp enough?

We recommend testing 3-5 spots up and down the blade on both the inside and outside edges. If you feel a little bite to your nail as you drag it across the edge – the edge is sharp.

Can hockey skates be too sharp?

Extra sharp skates can slow a youth player down, cause them to twist their ankles on sudden stops, and reduce glide as the skates sink into the ice. Skate blades are too sharp when the hollow (space between inside and outside edge) is too deep. … ‘ If your kid wants his skates sharper ask for a ‘half inch sharpening.

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What is a normal skate sharpening?

The normal range for this is ⅜” to ¾”, although higher or lower hollows are occasionally seen. Typically, skate shops will do 1/2”, 5/8”, or 7/16” hollow as a default if they aren’t given any specific instructions.

What skate sharpening Do NHL players use?

It’s a 3-millimeter-wide piece of steel hollowed out down the middle in an inverted U to create two edges. An NHL player uses both edges on both skates, like a skier shifting weight from side to side during turns. Most recreational players just want their skates sharpened.

What happens when you skate with dull skates?

No one should ever skate on dull or unsharpened blades. Your skating edge will help you turn and maneuver, as well as keep your balance. The second is that people with weak ankles cannot skate. This actually has more to do with the skate, than the skater.

Do skates need to be sharpened after buying?

Skate blades need edges to be able to dig into the ice. … New skates are not sharpened, so you will need to get them sharpened by a trained sharpener, and then re-sharpened every 15-20 hours of ice time – to keep them in tip top condition by removing knicks and deformaties in the metal edge.

How often do professional hockey players sharpen their skates?

A rule of thumb is for every 15 to 20 hours of ice time, but let’s go beyond the basics. The biggest factor is how often you skate, hence the rule of thumb based on ice time. It’s not unheard of for some players to sharpen their blades before every game, and others once or twice a year.

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Can you walk on wood with ice skates?

If you own your skates, walk to the ice surface with skate guards on. Remove the skate guards just before you step onto the ice. Do not walk on concrete or wood with your skates on.

What skates are dull?

Dirty ice, dirty mats, screws in the door sills and boards, contact with bolts in the benches and other skate blades, rust, walking on concrete, etc. Outdoor ice can be very dirty or the dirt frozen into the surface makes the ice a strong abrasive.

How deep should I sharpen my skates?

You can get your skates sharpened anywhere from 1/8th of an inch to one inch. 1/8th would be the sharpest, and one inch would be the least sharp. The majority of pros use something with a shallower hollow, but preference does widely vary.

How much does skate sharpening cost?


Skate Sharpening (hockey player or goalie skates) $9.00/pr (incl. GST)
Skate Sharpening (Flare Blades) NOT OFFERED
Skate Profiling – Custom (re-sharpening included) $42.00/pr (incl. GST)
Rivets (steel or copper), or Eyelets $5.00 flat labor fee plus $1.00/ea steel rivets AND $1.50/ea copper rivets OR eyelets

How sharp are NHL players skates?

Many players will fall somewhere between 3/8ths and 5/8ths in hollow with ½ inch being the standard at most hockey shops. Experiment with different hollows and see what works best for you. The deeper the hollow (closer to 1inch) the less the edge will dig into the ice, better for bigger, stronger, heavier players.

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How often do pros sharpen skates?

How Often Do I Sharpen Rental Skates. The rule of thumb is to sharpen ice skates after every 15-20 hours of use. This is typical for athletes who play hockey or figure skate multiple times on a weekly basis.

What skates do most NHL players wear?

The Vapor 2X Pro skates are some of the most popular skates in the NHL — the 2019-20 season will see plenty of these on the ice. The reasoning behind this is the fit. Vapor skates have a tapered fit, meaning they have a standard-shaped toe box and a very snug (almost glove-like) heel.