How do you deflect shot in NHL 21?

You need the proper positioning in front of the shot and you need to hold down the vision control (LT on Xbox; I would assume L2 for PS3).

How do you redirect a goal in NHL 21?

If you’re shooting, aim towards any teammates that may be near the net. If you’re the one deflecting, just get to the net and it should happen automatically. You can also set up a slap pass. Pull down on the right stick and aim towards a teammate near the net.

How do you do face off Deke?

To perform the deke faceoff, hold the LB button before the referee drops the puck and then flick the right analog forwards the exact moment the puck is released. Timing is crucial in this move as you need to be fast and have to have good deking players in your squad to pull this off.

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