How do you resize a hockey helmet?

With your helmet opened to its largest setting gradually begin to downsize the helmet until a comfortably snug fit is achieved. The helmet should rest on the head so that the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow and making contact with the top of your head.

Can you make a hockey helmet bigger?

How to Size and Adjust. Then, try expanding your helmet to its largest circumference. Using either the adjustor (typically located on the side flaps of the helmet) or a screwdriver, depending on the helmet, tighten the helmet until it’s snug (but not uncomfortable).

How should a hockey helmet fit in the back?

A properly fitting helmet sits flat on the head and is about ½ inch above your eyebrows, without tilting forward or back. Adjust the chin strap so that it fits firmly under the chin. You want the helmet to fit snug enough so that it doesn’t shift, but not to the point of where it feels uncomfortable.

How do you wear glasses with a hockey helmet?

You have to start with the glasses on. Stretch the helmet sides at the ears and pull out on them as you slide over your head. Once down, it should sit with little disturbance to the glasses. If you don’t pull this sides out when going on, it can catch and pull the glasses.

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Should a hockey helmet be tight?

A helmet must fit snugly, with one finger width above the eyebrow and ample coverage of the temples and ears. A helmet that shifts on the head does not absorb impacts.

How long are Bauer helmets good for?

The HECC usually certifies helmets for six to seven years from their manufacture date. After this date, leagues requiring certified helmets will not allow your helmet to be used. In Canada, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approves helmets, but it does not give them expiration dates.