How long does USA Hockey registration last?

Submission of online applications for USA Hockey Officiating Program membership for the 2021-22 Season begins on June 1, 2021 and ends after January 31, 2022. All incomplete 2021-22 Season registrations must be completed by 11:59pm MT, February 28, 2022.

How often do I have to register for USA Hockey?

USAH numbers expire annually on April 30th. If you registered before April 30th (like most participants), the USAH number was valid at the time of registration, however it expired shortly thereafter.

How much is USA Hockey registration fee?

As the National Governing Body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States, USA Hockey’s mission is to promote the growth of hockey in America and to provide the best possible experience for all participants. The individual registration fee is $30.

Why do you need USA Hockey registration?

USA Hockey is often asked to explain the advantages associated with registering adult hockey teams and leagues with our organization. While it may require more administrative effort, registering with USA Hockey provides all of the advantages of an unregistered league while eliminating the disadvantages.

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How much do Level 1 USA Hockey refs make?

This article will crunch the numbers on hockey referee salaries. NHL referees make between $1,000 and $4,000 per game they officiate. Referees can officiate up to three or four games per week, so their annual salary is estimated to fall between $115,000 and $350,000.

How much do USA Hockey refs get paid?

How much does a Referee at USA Hockey make? The typical USA Hockey Referee salary is $29 per hour. Referee salaries at USA Hockey can range from $4 – $55 per hour.

How long is SafeSport good for?

The training will be valid for 2 years once completing these 3 core courses. To appear in the Online Coach Directory, along with complying with rules set by the Board of Directors, you must complete SafeSport training.

How do I find my USA Hockey registration number?

To Register for Training:

If you don’t know your USA Hockey confirmation number you can access it by clicking here – under Member Options, click on ‘Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation. ‘ You can register to obtain a USA Hockey Confirmation number at

At what age can you ref hockey?

Is there a minimum age to start officiating? USA Hockey has no minimum or maximum ages for officials. It is highly recommended that officials not work games of their own age classification or higher, regardless of level attained. Generally, officials can successfully officiate as young as age ten years-old.

How long is USA Hockey SafeSport good for?

Beginning this season, SafeSport is required every year rather than every other year. However, anyone who completed training in the most recent season (2018-19) will retain valid training status for 2019-20, and will complete training annually beginning in 2020-21.

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Can a hockey team Dress 3 goalies?

Goaltenders. Teams may dress up to three goaltenders in a game.

How do you become a member of USA Hockey?

Must complete online Membership Registration. Must submit Registration Fee ($45.00 + applicable Affiliate Fee) Must attain an Open Book Exam score of 35/50 (or higher) Must attend and complete a Level 1 Officiating Classroom Seminar sanctioned by USA Hockey.

What does a WHL ref make?

Average CHL (WHL, OHL, QMJHL) Referee Salary

There is no clear information about the salary of an OHL referee, but in terms of the lower league, a CHL referee can earn $60k Canadian working 9 months a year and only a couple hours a day.

How much do AHL players make?

The average yearly salary for an AHL player in 2015 was about $90,000. The minimum salary, according the players’ union contract, was $42,375 a year, as of the 2015 season.

How much do Stanley Cup referees get paid?

Referees pay started at $165,000 per season, and they also made an additional $18,000 per round worked in the Stanley Cup playoffs. NHL officials salaries may seem lucrative, but that’s because they’re the best of the best.