How much does a sledge hockey cost?

An entry level sled costs about $700 per player and an entry level pair of sledge sticks cost approximately $60. Often we have to customize sleds in order to accommodate a player’s physical disability. Sledge hockey does not have house league so players must travel across the province to play games.

Do you have to be disabled to play sledge hockey?

“To play sled hockey, the only requirement is that you have a disability that prohibits you from playing stand-up.

What equipment do you need for sledge hockey?

The following equipment is needed to play Para ice hockey: sledge, two sticks, full cage helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves (and shin pads and pants depending on the impairment).

Who invented sledge hockey?

It was invented in 1961 in Sweden. Rolf Johannson of Sweden, a Paralympic gold medallist, and two other athletes created the ice sledge from two skate blades attached to a metal sled frame to allow the puck to pass underneath.

How do sled hockey players move?

Players sit in specially designed sleds that sit on top of two hockey skate blades. Each player uses two shortened sticks, and the sticks have metal picks on the butt end to propel themselves across the ice. Movement is achieved by using the metal teeth as a means to grip the ice and push forward.

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Can a team dress 4 goalies?

ANSWER: A team is allowed to dress up to 18 “skaters” and up to 20 total participants. Therefore, a team may dress more than two goalkeepers if there are less than 18 “skaters” on the roster (e.g. 4 Goalkeepers + 16 Skaters).

What are the rules of sledge hockey?

The players shall be positioned squarely facing the sideboards of the rink, with their sleds outside of the face- off sport, and with the blade of their stick on the ice on the white part of the face-off spot. The centremen may face the same way as their opponent or the opposite direction.

Who can play sledge hockey?

Sledge Hockey in BC and the Yukon is open to male and female able bodied and disabled players of all ages. Only in Paralympics and World Championship competitions governed by the IPC do the rules prohibit able-bodied players.

What is para ice?

Para ice hockey also termed as Ice Sledge Hockey is a team sport for athletes with a physical disability. The game was evolved in the 1960s in Sweden at a rehabilitation center. Today, it is the most popular sport amongst the para-athletes as well as in the winter Paralympics games.

What is Sledge skating?

Sledges – sledge hockey – use of a sledges at City rinks

These adapted skating devices make arenas accessible for persons with a disability. … This includes skate aids, skate horses, sledges, strollers and wheelchairs.