What age can you start refereeing hockey?

Is there a minimum age to start officiating? USA Hockey has no minimum or maximum ages for officials. It is highly recommended that officials not work games of their own age classification or higher, regardless of level attained. Generally, officials can successfully officiate as young as age ten years-old.

How do you become a youth hockey referee?

You must complete the Hockey University Officiating online course prior to registering for an in-class clinic. The course takes approximately three hours to complete. Once you have completed the online course, register for an in-class clinic.

They include:

  1. U7.
  2. Recreational.
  3. Competitive.
  4. Program of Excellence.

How much do junior hockey refs make?

Referees who officiate youth and other recreational hockey leagues get paid between $30 and $75 per game, which usually lasts over a 60-minute ice time. Besides, minor league games rarely have overtime. So, these referees can make their job more worthwhile by participating in multiple games on the same day, however.

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How do you become an NHL referee?

The first step to becoming an official is to approach your local officiating governing body, i.e. Canada (Hockey Canada), USA (USA Hockey), or your local league office. This will put you in contact with other officials to set you on your way. The next step is to get out there and “just do it”.

How much does it cost to become a USA Hockey referee?


Must submit Registration Fee ($90.00 + applicable Affiliate Fee) Must have been Level 3 or 4 (Complete) last season. Must attain an Open Book Exam score of 45/50. Must attain a Level 4 Closed Book Exam score of 40/50.

What age can you start refereeing?

14 years old is the minimum age you must be to qualify as a referee.

How long does it take to become a ref?

In order to be considered for the position, referees are expected to have at least ten years of experience. This experience is usually gained by refereeing high school games, college games, and semi-pro games.

What sport do refs get paid the most?

Compared to their peers in the NFL, NHL and MLB, NBA referees’ salaries are among the best. NFL referees make an average of $205,000; MLB umpires rake in as much as $450,000; NHL officials earn approximately $275,000 on average.

How much does a Level 1 hockey ref make?

NHL referees make between $1,000 and $4,000 per game they officiate. Referees can officiate up to three or four games per week, so their annual salary is estimated to fall between $115,000 and $350,000. Linesmen earn less than referees, typically in the range of $100,000 and $250,000.

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How much do Amatuer Hockey refs make?

The typical USA Hockey Referee salary is $29 per hour. Referee salaries at USA Hockey can range from $4 – $55 per hour. This estimate is based upon 9 USA Hockey Referee salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How long does it take to become an NHL ref?

May officiate all levels of USA Hockey. Level 4 officials have the utmost experience by passing through all the levels, taking approximately 3-4 years. Must get a minimum open book exam score of 45/50 or closed book exam score of 40/50, and complete all other requirements.

How old are NHL referees?

2021-22 NHL Linesmen

# Name Age
88 Baker, Tyson 25
59 Barton, Steve 48
87 Berg, Devin 31
96 Brisebois, David 44

Do NHL referees travel?

NHL referees are full-time employees of the National Hockey League. Since they are full time employees, they are salaried and receive benefits. … With a regular season of 82 games, several games in any given week, and required travel across the U.S. and Canada, NHL referees certainly have their schedules full.

How much does a hockey referee make?

The average NHL referee salary figure is between $165,000 and $360,000 per year. Referees officiating non-professional hockey typically earn less than $50 per game. NHL linesman earn slightly less than NHL referees, with the average NHL linesman earning between $110,000 and $235,000 per year.

Do you have to register every year for USA Hockey?

All Players, Coaches and volunteers must have a valid USA Hockey Registration number (USAH#) uploaded to the www.syhockey.com website prior to the start of the hockey season. The hockey season runs annually from September 1st through April 30th.

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Can hockey players touch the puck with their hands?

67.1 Handling Puck – A player shall be permitted to stop or “bat” a puck in the air with his open hand, or push it along the ice with his hand, and the play shall not be stopped unless, in the opinion of the Referee, he has deliberately directed the puck to a teammate in any zone other than the defending zone, in which …