What age group watches hockey?

According to the source, the average age of the audience watching NHL on television in 2017 was 49 years old.

How old is the average hockey fan?

But fast forward about two decades, and the average NHL fan is now almost 50 years old, accelerating at a much faster pace than the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and others.

Do old people watch sports?

The average age of viewers of all but one of these sports has gone up in the past decade.

Table: Where are the kids?

Sport College football
Avg. age in 2000 47
Avg. age in 2006 48
Avg. age in 2016 52

What professional sport league has the youngest audience?

The National Basketball Association is the premier basketball league in the world, and the youngest of the major American leagues.

What percentage of Americans are hockey fans?

Of the major team sports, professional ice hockey has the smallest fan base in the United States, with 31 percent of Americans saying they are fans of the sport.

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What percentage of NHL fans are male?

Ice hockey is a worldwide sport that is particularly popular in the United States and Canada thanks to the prominence of the National Hockey League (NHL). According to a survey conducted in September 2021, 18 percent of male respondents in the United States were avid fans of the NHL.

What age group watches sports the most?

Adults between the ages of 30 and 44 were the most likely to watch sports every day or several times per week, and the share of respondents in this age bracket who did so was also higher than the percentage of total surveyed adults.

What is the average age of a professional athlete?

Professional Athlete Age Breakdown

Interestingly enough, the average age of Professional Athletes is 40+ years old, which represents 39% of the population.

What is the least diverse sport?

Hockey has historically been one of the least diverse sports, according to the NCAA. Over the past five years, 75.6 percent of NCAA players have identified as white, while 1 percent have identified as black. A 2019 National Hockey League survey found that 93 percent of league players are white.

What is the blackest sport?

The NBA has the youngest audience, with 45 percent of its viewers under 35. It also has the highest share of Black viewers, at 45 percent—three times higher than the NFL or NCAA basketball. Major League Baseball shares the most male-heavy audience, at 70 percent, with the NBA.

What sports do teenagers watch?

Here are their top nine favorite sports to watch, with football removed to make things a bit more clear: Here, it’s easier to see the top ten list after football: baseball, hockey, gymnastics, tennis, WWE/wrestling, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and track/running.

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What sports have the largest female audience?

In the United States American football reigns supreme, in the United Kingdom it’s tennis, in China, badminton, in Japan ice skating, and in Mexico, football. In general, sports such as tennis, athletics or figure skating generate more interest among women than men. Motor sports, by contrast, are the least popular.

Which hockey team has the most Americans?

Looking at the rosters of each team in the NHL shows an interesting rainbow of nationalities spread throughout the league. Out of North American players, the Edmonton Oilers lead the league with 20 Canadians and the Winnipeg Jets lead with 15 Americans.

How many NHL players are foreign?

NHL Country Tracker

Country Active Players Earnings
Canada 937 $12,776,564,491
United States 556 $5,953,649,732
Sweden 200 $2,335,768,164
Russia 119 $1,461,754,904

What is the racial makeup of the NHL?

The share of Canadians in the league dropped to 75% by the 1980s and is now slightly less than 50%. In 2011, the NHL was composed of 93% of players who identified as white, with the remaining 7% identifying as varying ethnicities.