What did Gretzky eat before games?

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky had a very specific pre-game ritual that Chicagoans can appreciate: Before every game he played, he’d eat at least one hot dog—and sometimes as many as four!

What did Wayne Gretzky eat before hockey games?

The Great One would drink a Diet Coke, an ice water, a Gatorade and a second Diet Coke before getting back onto the ice for the next period. It certainly is a unique way to consume beverages, but it obviously worked for Gretzky.

What famous athletes eat before a game?

Some athletes like to eat something a little on the weirder side as a pre-game meal, though. They range from meals containing some junk food to the just plain bizarre.

Before every game, Manning ate the following:

  • Chicken breasts.
  • Pasta.
  • Marinara Sauce.
  • Baked potato.
  • Broccoli.
  • Gatorade.

What does Sidney Crosby eat before every game?

What’s your favorite pre-game meal? Sidney Crosby: Spaghetti, like most guys. I try to get some pasta.

How much could Wayne Gretzky bench press?

Though he was barely 6-0 and 155 pounds, could bench press a mere 140 pounds, had little better than average skating speed and possessed a shot that, while accurate, didn’t remind anyone of Bobby Hull’s, Gretzky’s raptorial quickness to the puck, instinct for the creation and exploitation of space and darting …

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What do NHL players eat between periods?

Some players will also eat something during their break to help refuel. While it’s ill-advised to consume heavy food close to a workout, some players will have a light snack along with their drink. Foods like fruit, cereal bars, and sandwiches are most common.

Did Gretzky drink Diet Coke?

As for the Diet Coke, he says that gave him the “same sort of stimulation as an energy drink.” The result was that Gretzky felt he had the time to get his rest before games, while still eating enough to feel full and get an energy spike courtesy of the Diet Coke. … At the bottom, just enjoy the Great One being great.

What is a good pre-game meal?

Pre-game meals may include:

  • Whole wheat chicken sandwich with vegetables.
  • Brown rice, salmon and roasted vegetables.
  • Whole wheat turkey wrap with vegetables and hummus.
  • Whole wheat pasta with sauce, grilled chicken and vegetables.

What should I eat 6 hours before a game?

Pasta, bread, fruits and vegetables are all great foods to eat for your pre-game meal. Foods you’ll want to stay away from are french fries, hamburgers, bacon, and other foods that are high in fat and protein.

What is a good pre-game snack?

Pre-game snack suggestions include:

  • Whole-grain bread, crackers, tortillas, or pretzels1.
  • Cereal.
  • Enriched pasta or brown rice.
  • Plain popcorn.
  • Apples, bananas, pears, oranges, or any other fruit.
  • Dried fruit.

What does Crosby eat?

Crosby favors organic foods that are local and sustainable. A typical breakfast might include oatmeal, organic eggs, locally sourced bacon or sausage, and a protein smoothie with cow colostrum, blended banana, blueberries, and kale. “I prefer to eat local, organic food,” Crosby says.

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How many calories do NHL players eat?

Depending on the player, calorie expenditures can range from 1,800 to 2,500 per game. In the preseason, Demers records the players’ weights before and after practice.

What does Sidney Crosby eat for dinner?

He usually has greens as well, like spinach or asparagus. He also often has a protein smoothie with cow colostrum, blended banana, blueberries, and kale. Similar to LeBron, Crosby’s usual pre-game meal is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

How much can NHL players bench?

NHL 70-80% Bench Press Test

Body Weight (lbs) Test Weight Performed (lbs.)
195-204 160
205-214 170
215-224 175
225-234 185