What is a good power play percentage NHL?

In this truncated regular season, power plays have been highly proficient. With 53 total games left, the league-wide power-play success rate is 20.11%. The NHL began tracking PP% in 1963-64. Since then, only 18 seasons featured a league-average success rate of 20% or higher.

What is the highest power-play percentage in NHL history?

The Colorado Avalanche have the best power-play percentage by a team in a single NHL playoff run, at 41.4 percent in 2020-21.

What percentage of power plays result in goals?

This season – about a quarter of the way through the season – about 22% of the goals scored have been power-play goals. In the 2016–17 season, 20.57% of goals were scored on the power play. Historically the number has been around 25%, but was as high as 33% in the early 2000s.

Who has the best power-play in the NHL right now?

Edmonton Oilers (Previous Ranking: 1)

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The power play is their strongest asset, by far, with an absolutely insane 41.9% effectiveness rating. Penalty kill wise, they’re also at the top of the league, with a 88.1% kill rate.

What does powerplay percentage mean?

Power play percentage; calculated by dividing power play goals by power play opportunities. … Shooting percentage; calculated by dividing goals by shots on goal.

What is the best NHL season record?

The Detroit Red Wings were a tough team to beat in 1995-96, setting a new record with 62 wins in a season. Scott Bowman’s club won the President’s Trophy with the NHL’s best record, finishing 24 points ahead of the next best team (Philadelphia).

What percentage of NHL penalty shots scored?

NHL penalty-shot takers score about 33 percent of the time, and sudden-death shootouts are real nail-biters—which is a lot better than an anticlimactic tie.

What is the average amount of penalties in an NHL game?

Players take note: Referees aren’t swallowing their whistles so far in the 2018 NHL playoffs. Penalties are up more than 17% from the same time a year ago and are playing a substantial role in several series. Through 19 games in the first round, there have been nearly 10 penalties per game.

How often do NHL teams score on power play?

When a team gets a power play, it does increase their chances of scoring significantly. In the 2018-19 NHL season, the power play efficiency (the percentage of time a team scores when given a power play) for a team ranged from a low of 12.9% from the Nashville Predators to a high of 28.2% from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Who has the number 1 power-play in the NHL?


1 Oilers 87.1
8 Maple Leafs 86.7
9 Avalanche 75.5
10 Blue Jackets 83.6
11 Sabres 78.9

Which NHL team has the worst power-play?

Other season records

  • Greatest Goal Differential: +216, by the 1976–77 Montreal Canadiens.
  • Lowest Goal Differential: -265, by the 1974–75 Washington Capitals.
  • Best Power Play Percentage in a Season: 31.88%, by the 1977–78 Montreal Canadiens.
  • Worst Power Play Percentage in a Season: 8.94%, by the 2020–21 Anaheim Ducks.

Who has the best powerplay?

Ranking NHL’s five most productive power-play units

  1. Winnipeg Jets (Pionk, Copp, Dubois, Ehlers, Perreault) …
  2. Carolina Hurricanes (Hamilton, Aho, Staal, Svechnikov, Trocheck) …
  3. Minnesota Wild (Spurgeon, Bonino, Fiala, Kaprizov, Rask) …
  4. New York Rangers (Fox, Kreider, Panarin, Strome, Zibanejad)

What is considered a shot on goal in the NHL?

If a player shoots the puck with the intention of scoring and if that shot would have gone in the net had the goaltender not stopped it, the shot is recorded as a “shot on goal”.

What is PPP in hockey stats?

PPP stands for power play points, which is the sum of goals and assists earned by players on the power play. Nikita Kucherov (Tampa Bay Lightning) led all NHL players with 48 power play points (15G, 33A) in the 2018-19 Season.

What does TP mean in hockey stats?

The total time a player receives for minor, major or misconduct infractions. SOG. Shots on goal. This refers to the number of times a player has directed the puck directly at the goal. Also refers to the number of shots on goal faced by a goaltender.

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