What is some nicknames for hockey?

What is a good nickname for hockey?


Player Nickname
Walter Broda Turk
Martin Brodeur Marty, Satan’s Wallpaper, Uncle Daddy
Richard Brodeur King Richard, Kermit
Laurent Brossoit LB

What do you call a hockey player?

Definitions of hockey player. an athlete who plays hockey. synonyms: ice-hockey player.

How do hockey nicknames work?

For as long as the NHL has been around, players have been giving their teammates nicknames. … Some nicknames are wordplay based on a player’s name, other’s are based on their talents (or lack of talents), and some are references to a player’s appearance.

Why is Toronto called buds?

Why are the Toronto Maple Leafs called the Buds? … Toronto was awarded a franchise, a nationwide “Name Game” contest to name the team would follow as the franchise felt that turning to the fans to help develop an identity was the ideal course to take.

What was Bobby Orr nickname?

Бобби Орр/Псевдонимы

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