What is the cost of NHL Center Ice?

Well, the NHL Center Ice plan is alive and well. In fact, it’s available this year for as little as $59.99, which is less than half the price in previous full seasons. (The NHL reduced the price so it’s competitive with ESPN+ which is available for $69.99 for one year.)

How much does NHL Center Ice cost 2021?

NHL Center Ice ($59.99/year) is an add-on that you can purchase through a lot of the more popular TV providers.

How do I get NHL Center Ice?


Text NHL to 223-322 and follow the prompts. Or, sign in to your directv.com account to add it. If you use myAT&T to manage your DIRECTV account, see instructions for ordering at att.com.

Is NHL Center Ice Free 2021?

NHL fans will get a free gift to start the season — NHL Center Ice will be offered free by cable systems across the country for the first 18 days of the season. … Fans who purchase a full season of NHL Center Ice by Oct. 31 will receive the Early Bird price of $171.80.

Is there a free preview of NHL Center Ice?

The NHL’s ‘NHL Center Ice’ package is currently being offered free through several providers. The free preview starts today, Mar. … The network, available in the US and Canada, provides up to 40 out-of-market NHL games weekly.

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Who owns NHL Center Ice?

NHL Center Ice

Owner National Hockey League
Launched October 1995

How much does NHL Center Ice cost on DISH Network?

Get NHL® Center Ice

With up to 14 out-of-market games per night you are sure to find the best live game for you. Don’t miss another hit, goal, or overtime winner. Hockey is back! Get NHL Center Ice today for only $60 or 4 payments of $15.

Is NHL TV going away?

After an absence of 16 years, the National Hockey League is returning to ESPN. … ESPN+ will also absorb NHL.TV and effectively become the N.H.L.’s out-of-market streaming package in the United States, where fans can watch more than 1,000 games that are not televised in their area.

What is the difference between NHL Center Ice and NHL Live?

What is the difference between NHL LIVE™ and NHL Centre Ice? NHL Centre Ice is a similar product to NHL LIVE™, but is only available in TV subscriptions through participating TV providers, whereas NHL LIVE™ is available via internet subscription.

Can you PVR NHL Center Ice?

NHL Centre Ice does not include the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Requires supporting PVR digital boxes. Requires PVR capable digital set top box. … NHL Center Ice will only broadcast out of market games and does not include in market games.