Who is the best general manager in the NHL?

1. Julien BriseBois, Tampa Bay Lightning. When you build a back-to-back Stanley Cup winner in the salary cap era and have had a hand in building the best team in the league over the past seven years, you get the top spot.

How much does a GM of a NHL team make?

Unique Payment Structure in the NHL

Usually, GMs get paid around the same as the average player in the NHL. Most new GMs can expect salaries between $1 million and $1.5 million. More experienced GMs earn $3 million or more.

Who is the oldest general manager in the NHL?

David Poile, with more than 35 years as an NHL general manager, is the longest-serving GM in league history.

Who got GM of the year?

Lou Lamoriello, only executive with multiple wins, which were won consecutively in 2019–20 and 2020–21.


Season 2018–19
Winner Don Sweeney
Team Boston Bruins
Win # 1

What does Jim Benning make?

Welcome to a free-agent frenzy when Jim Benning is the general manager of your hockey club. In an attempt to “rebuild” the right side of the defence, it was announced today that the Canucks have signed 28-year-old defenceman Tucker Poolman to a four-year deal worth $10 million.

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Do the Islanders have to shave?

Islanders president of hockey operations Lou Lamoriello has a handful of old school rules. … Lamoriello’s players aren’t allowed to have long hair or facial hair during the regular season. So when a bearded guy like Kyle Palmieri gets traded to a Lamoriello team, he has to shave before he takes the ice.

Who owns the NHL?

The general manager is also normally the person who hires, fires, and supervises the head and assistant coaches for both the NHL team and often the club’s American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, amateur and professional scouts, and all other hockey operations staff.

How many NHL trophies are there?

Presently, the NHL has 18 annual individual trophies and awards, the most recently created being the Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award which was inaugurated in 2010.

Who is the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning?

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