Who wore Cooperalls in the NHL?

This design was worn by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1981-82 NHL season, and both the Flyers and the Hartford Whalers in the 1982-83 NHL season.

What year did the Philadelphia Flyers wear Cooperalls?

Cooperalls were first used professionally by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1981–82 NHL season. The Hartford Whalers wore them for the 1982–83 NHL season. Following considerable criticism and concern for player safety, the NHL banned the use of long pants.

When did the NHL wear long pants?

On this day in 1982, the very first “all-Cooperall” game was played between the Hartford Whalers and the Philadelphia Flyers, marking the first time two NHL teams battled it out wearing full-length hockey pants in the regular season.

What year did the Flyers wear long pants?

The Flyers broke new ground in 1981 with the introduction of long pants known as Cooperalls. The goal was to make the uniform lighter — in effect making the players faster. Little did they know that they would present a safety hazard, since it made players slide faster on the ice when upended.

What happened hockey pants?

Following the 1982-83 season the NHL outlawed the long pants on the grounds of player safety, as the outer fabric of the pants was made out of what was comparable to a nylon windbreaker which was more slippery than the traditional hockey pants/knit socks combination, and any player who fell while wearing them would …

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Why did the Flyers wear Cooperalls?

As well as being considerably lighter, the system offered players greater freedom of movement and improved hip, pelvis and thigh protection. A short-legged outer shell, called the “Cooperall Coupé” (from the French past participle coupé, to cut) was also available for traditionalists.

What are hockey pants called?

Hockey pants – or shorts, as they’re called in Europe – are part of the full body of equipment worn by ice hockey players at all levels. They are simply called “pants” in North America, rather than saying “short pants.” In some places in the United States, hockey pants are also called “breezers.”

Do they still make Cooperalls?

Cooperall hockey pants were first introduced into the Western Hockey League during the 1980-81 season when all 13 teams belonging to the league wore them. The Wheat Kings donned them for seven seasons in total, eventually going back to the classic style of hockey socks in the 87-88 season that they still wear today..

Who wore number 27 for the Philadelphia Flyers?

Ron Hextall. No. 27. Finally, a number about which there can be real debate as both Ron Hextall and the great Reggie Leach wore it for the Flyers.

Where did the Philadelphia Flyers get their name?

Philadelphia needed a name for their team when Ed Snider brought a hockey club back to the city in 1966. A name-the-team contest was held. During that time Snider’s sister, Phyllis, suggested that they call the team the Flyers which sounds good when paired with Philadelphia.

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