Best answer: Who is the best NHL defenseman of all time?

When the debate over which player was the best of all-time rears its ugly head, three names always come up— Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr. Depending on your view, Orr is arguably the best player ever. Even if you disagree, there is no doubt that he is the best defenseman of all-time.

Who is considered the best NHL defenseman of all time?

NHL Defensemen ‑ All-Time Points Leaders

Rk Name Born
1 Ray Bourque 1960
2 Paul Coffey 1961
3 Al MacInnis 1963

Has a defenseman led the NHL in scoring?

Orr is the only defenseman to win the scoring title, doing so in 1970 and 1975 with Boston, and in 1970 he became the first player to capture four individual awards in a single season as he won the Hart, Norris, and Conn Smythe Trophies that year as well.

Did Bobby Orr play defense? Orr brought more offense to defense. Only a handful of athletes have changed the way their sport is played. Bobby Orr is one of the select few. Bobby Orr is the only defenseman to lead the league in assists, and he did it five times.

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What number was Bobby Orr?

On January 9, 1979, the Boston Bruins honored Bobby Orr by retiring his number four and raising it to the rafters amongst other retired numbers worn by great legends in Bruins history. Playing since he was a young boy, it was in his future to be an icon in hockey, and he accomplished just that.

Who was the last defenseman to score 100?

TORONTO (AP) -Brian Leetch thinks it’ll take another offensive surge before a defenseman has 100 points in a season again. Leetch, who will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday, had 102 points for the New York Rangers in 1991-92. He’s the last defenseman to reach the century mark.

What are 4 goals in hockey called?

What are 4 goals in hockey? Scoring four goals in a hockey game is much less common than a hat trick. If a player scores four goals in a single game, it is sometimes referred to as a “Texas hat trick.” This term is less commonly used than a regular hat trick and the origins of it are uncertain.

Who is the greatest hockey player of all time?

Wayne Gretzky

Canadian former ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky is “the greatest hockey player ever,” according to The Top 100 NHL Player of All-time by NHL. He was nicknamed “The Great One” for his huge contribution to ice hockey history.

How many knee surgeries did Bobby Orr have?

According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article Orr has since had two knee replacement surgeries that have left him pain-free.

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How old is Bourque?

Donald Stewart Cherry (born February 5, 1934) is a Canadian ice hockey commentator and sports writer.

Is Bobby Orr a Canadian or an American?

Bobby Orr, byname of Robert Gordon Orr, (born March 20, 1948, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada), Canadian American professional ice hockey player who was the first defenseman to lead the National Hockey League (NHL) in scoring. He was considered one of the sport’s greatest players.

What was Mario Lemieux number?

NHL: Honor Mario Lemieux and Retire His Number 66.