What is the most popular hockey number?

Once worn almost exclusively by goalies due to Patrick Roy, the number 33 is now universal among all positions. Out of the 13 players who wear it, four are forwards, six are defense and only three are goalies. 19, 25, 36, 41, 45, 50, 70, 72, 74 and 88 are all worn by at least one player at each position.

What is the best hockey number?

Whether it be an all-time great or a forgotten player, here are the greatest players to have worn every jersey number in the NHL.

  1. 00 – John Davidson. Runner-up: Martin Biron. …
  2. 1 – Johnny Bower. …
  3. 2 – Brian Leetch. …
  4. 3 – Pierre Pilote. …
  5. 4 – Bobby Orr. …
  6. 5 – Nicklas Lidstrom. …
  7. 6 – Phil Housley. …
  8. 7 – Phil Esposito.

Why is 91 a popular hockey number?

“When I came to the Islanders, (Wayne) Gretzky was in the League (and he wore 99) and Phil Esposito was wearing 77. So I had the opportunity to wear 91,” Goring said. “It wasn’t because Bryan Trottier wore No. … In his final NHL season (1984-85), the second Islanders player to wear sweater No.

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Is the number 69 banned in the NHL?

Fun fact: Desjardins and forward Melvin Angelstad (two games with the Washington Capitals in 2003-04) are the only players in NHL history to wear No. 69.

What is the least used number in the NHL?

With that in mind, we did some more digging and here are the 7 least-worn numbers in the NHL since the 1950-51 season.

  1. Number 0.
  2. Number 00. …
  3. Number 98. Codie McLachlan/Getty Images. …
  4. Number 69. Getty Images/Christian Petersen. …
  5. Number 99. Codie McLachlan/Getty Images. …
  6. Number 87. Getty Images/Patrick Smith. …
  7. Number 95. Eliot J. …

What number was Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky retired from professional play after the 1998–99 season and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1999. His career totals include 2,857 points and 894 goals. The NHL retired his jersey number (99) after his final game.

Is the number 99 retired in hockey?

Wayne Gretzky’s number 99 was retired league-wide in 2000; Gretzky’s former teams the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings also separately retired his number. … Nine players have had their number retired by two different NHL teams: Bobby Hull – Chicago Blackhawks and Winnipeg Jets.

Who wore jersey 91?

91: Kevin Greene

He had 160 sacks, more than any other linebacker in NFL history.

Who wears 91 in the NHL?

91: Seguin, Stamkos, Tavares and Tarasenko. The stars: Dallas Stars winger Tyler Seguin, Tampa Bay Lightning center Steven Stamkos, New York Islanders center John Tavares and St. Louis Blues right wing Vladimir Tarasenko are the notable NHL stars wearing No. 91.

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Who wears 47 in the NFL?

47 — Joe Schobert, Jaguars LB.

Can you wear 0 in NHL?

The NHL no longer permits the use of 0 or 00 as the League’s database cannot list players with such numbers, and in 2000 the League retired the number 99 for all member teams in honor of Wayne Gretzky.

Who wears 96 in the NHL?

96: Tomas Holmstrom

Forward Tomas Holmstrom spent all but 47 games of his NHL career, which lasted for 15 seasons and 1,026 regular season games, wearing number 96.

Who wore 97 in the NHL?

97 — Connor McDavid. The skinny: Appropriately, McDavid has 97 points (34 goals, 63 assists) in 64 games this season, second in the NHL behind teammate Leon Draisaitl’s 110. He also has the most points since entering the League in 2015-16 (Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks is second with 465 points).

Who wore 69 in the NHL?

Desjardins won the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2015. He is also notable for being one of only two players in NHL history to have worn the number 69, with the other being Mel Angelstad.

Who wears 98 in the NHL?

98: Mikhail Sergachev

98 is the rarest number in NHL history. Only three players have worn it – Brian Lawton, Jesse Puljujarvi, and Mikhail Sergachev.

Does anyone wear 66 in the NHL?

No. 66 isn’t retired League-wide like No. 99 is for Wayne Gretzky. Two players have worn it since Lemieux retired from the NHL in 2006: Ho-Sang and Calgary Flames defenseman TJ Brodie in 2010-11.

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