Who holds NHL record in assists?

Who has most assists in NHL history?

NHL History – Assists Leaders

Assists Leaders
1 Wayne Gretzky 1,963
2 Ron Francis 1,249
3 Mark Messier 1,193

Who leads the NHL in assists 2021?

2020‑2021 NHL Scoring Leaders

Rk Name ESA
1 Connor McDavid 44
2 Leon Draisaitl 36
3 Brad Marchand 23

Who assisted Wayne Gretzky?

Most Assists in a Career (1,963)

Mark Messier, Gretzky’s longtime friend and teammate with both the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers, is second all-time in points with 1,887.

Who has the most secondary assists in NHL history?

All-time leaders:

  • Coffey – 502.
  • Murphy – 491.
  • Jagr – 471.
  • MacInnis – 470.
  • Lindstrom – 453.
  • Francis – 452.
  • Messier – 442.
  • Sakic – 439.

How many assists does Gretzky have?

Gretzky’s point total including regular season and playoffs stands at an imposing 3,239 (1,016 goals, 2,223 assists).

What place are the Pittsburgh Penguins in?


5 Rangers 55
6 Lightning 60
7 Red Wings 75
8 Penguins 67

Who leads the NHL in hits?

NHL All-Time Hits Leaders

per Game
Rk Name P/GP
1 Dustin Brown 0.552
2 Cal Clutterbuck 0.279
3 Matthew Martin 0.188
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How old is McDavid?

Ovechkin is going to have a tall task ahead of him to catch Gretzky and it will require some of the best seasons ever by a player of his age each year for the rest of his career. … Truly, the impossible record of 894 now seems entirely possible for Ovechkin to catch, but it has to start with a big year in 2021-22.

What records did Gretzky break?

Over his 20 season career – from 1979-1999 – Gretzky set the all-time marks for goals, assists, and points while playing for three franchises (Oilers, Kings, Blues, and Rangers). In 1,487 games, Gretzky scored 894 goals, 1,963 assists and a total of 2,857 points.

How many assists does Joe Thornton have?

In 2019-20, Thornton had 24 assists and passed Adam Oates for seventh in NHL history with 1,089.

Who scored the most goals in one season in the NHL?

In the 1981–82 National Hockey League (NHL) season, Wayne Gretzky set the record for most goals in a single season with 92 goals in just 80 games for the Edmonton Oilers.