Who scored the most fantasy hockey points?

Who has the most points in fantasy hockey?

Other times, it is super obvious. Leon Draisaitl leads the league with 31 points, and that counts for a point on 53.5 percent of all the goals scored by the Edmonton Oilers.

Who is the best player in fantasy hockey?


  • Connor McDavid, C, EDM.
  • Leon Draisaitl, C/LW, EDM.
  • Alex Ovechkin, LW, WSH.
  • Auston Matthews, C, TOR.
  • Brad Marchand, LW, BOS (suspended)
  • Jonathan Huberdeau, LW, FLA.
  • Andrei Svechnikov, LW/RW, CAR.
  • Sebastian Aho, C, CAR.

What is the scoring in fantasy hockey?

The most common scoring scheme is simply: 1 point per goal. 1 point per assist. 2 points per win.

Who should I take in fantasy hockey?

Fantasy Special: The best defensemen in fantasy

  • Connor McDavid.
  • Leon Draisaitl or Nathan MacKinnon.
  • Draisaitl or MacKinnon.
  • Nikita Kucherov or Auston Matthews.
  • Kucherov or Matthews.
  • Andrei Vasilevskiy, Artemi Panarin or Brad Marchand.
  • Vasilevskiy, Panarin or Marchand.
  • Vasilevskiy, Panarin or Marchand.

Who is the best hockey player of all time?

And here is the list of the top 10 greatest NHL players of all time.

  1. Wayne Gretzky. Canadian former ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky is “the greatest hockey player ever,” according to The Top 100 NHL Player of All-time by NHL.
  2. Bobby Orr. …
  3. Gordie Howe. …
  4. Mario Lemieux. …
  5. Maurice Richard. …
  6. Guy Lafleur. …
  7. Terry Sawchuk. …
  8. Bobby Hull. …
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Who is the best forward in NHL?

2020‑2021 NHL Forward Scoring Leaders

per 60 Even-Strength
Rk Name ESG/60
1 Connor McDavid 1.440
2 Leon Draisaitl 0.926
3 Brad Marchand 1.688

How old is Alex Ovechkin?

You get no points for players on the bench. The purpose of the bench is to have extra players to switch into your lineup. Depending in your leagues setting you can change your lineup every day, so always have the players in who have games that day.

What stats matter in fantasy hockey?

Why does this stat matter for fantasy? The more often a player is on the ice during a power play the better chance they have of earning goals, assists and, obviously, power play points. Players whose coaches trust them in the power play can be quite valuable for fantasy.

What does P mean in fantasy hockey?

It most likely means Projected or Probable starter.

What does IR mean in fantasy hockey?

The system will automatically place the IR (injured reserve) tag on a player once ESPN receives the report from the NFL. NOTE: Only players with the (IR) or (O) tag can be placed on IR (injured reserve) slot. All other players must be moved to the bench if you do NOT want them on the active roster.

What is ADP in fantasy hockey?

Average Draft Position (ADP) – Fantasy Hockey Goalies 2021/2022.