You asked: Who are Sportsnet hockey announcers?

Who is on the Sportsnet hockey panel?

The return of the Flames on SN broadcast team: play-by-play broadcaster Rick Ball, game analysts Kelly Hrudey and Cassie Campbell-Pascall and reporter Ryan Leslie. Nine all-Canadian showdowns, including a Tkachuk brothers clash in Ottawa on November 14.

Who are the Sportsnet anchors?

Studio hosts

  • Ron MacLean: 2014–present.
  • Jeff Marek: 2014–present.
  • David Amber: 2014–present.
  • Caroline Cameron: 2018-present.

Who are the commentators for Hockey Night in Canada?


  • Chris Cuthbert: 1984–2004, 2020–present.
  • Rick Ball: 2011–present.
  • John Shorthouse: 2014–present.
  • John Bartlett: 2018–present.
  • R. J. Broadhead: 2019–present.
  • Harnarayan Singh: 2021–present.
  • Jack Michaels: 2021–present.

Who is the female commentator on Sportsnet?


Leah Hextall becomes the first woman to call play-by-play on a nationally televised NHL game for Sportsnet.

Who hosts NHL?

Jackie Redmond is an NHL Network studio host and reporter, currently serving as a co-host of NHL Now, getting viewers ready for the night’s action during the regular season, weekdays at 4:00 p.m. ET. Prior to arriving at NHL Network, Redmond spent six years as an anchor for Canada’s Sportsnet.

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Who is Carly Agro?

Carly grew up in Burlington, Ontario, where she spent more time on the soccer pitch than just about anywhere else. These days Carly helps Canada wake up with their sports news and highlights as an anchor and reporter with Sportsnet Central. …

Who hosts TSN?

A TSN veteran, “Dutchy” is one of Canada’s most popular sports personalities. He began his TSN career in 1995, hosting weekend editions of SPORTSCENTRE and hosting CFL Live. His engaging and unique personality, smooth delivery, and sports knowledge have made him a viewer favourite.

What happened to Kate beirness?

Kate is currently the sideline reporter for all Toronto Raptors broadcasts on TSN and the host of Thursday Night Football.

Who is the female commentator on Hockey Night in Canada?

Canadian women’s hockey icon Cassie Campbell-Pascall works with the CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA broadcast team as a commentator, bringing more than 20 years of on-ice hockey experience.

Does CBC own Sportsnet?

Sportsnet is a Canadian English-language sports specialty channel owned by Rogers Sports & Media.


Headquarters Rogers Building, Toronto, Ontario
Picture format 1080i (HDTV) (HD feed downgraded to letterboxed 480i for SDTVs) 4K (UHDTV) (part-time, selected broadcasts)
Owner Rogers Sports & Media

Who is the woman on Hockey Night in Canada?

Carrying on the tradition of other Hockey Night in Canada female personalities, Andi Petrillo is carving her own niche on the fabled broadcast. With HNIC celebrating its 60th season on Canadian airwaves, Petrillo represents the quantum leap that women have made on the broadcast in the last 10 years.

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Who is Jennifer on Sportsnet hockey?

Jennifer Botterill is one of Canada’s most successful athletes and has remained in the sport as a broadcaster for over ten years. You can see her current contributions on Sportsnet & Hockey Night in Canada and NHL on TNT in the USA. She is decorated with 4 Olympic medals and 5 World Championships.

Who is the best hockey announcer?

1. Foster Hewitt: Toronto Maple Leafs Legendary Broadcaster. An innovator and the best voice in all of hockey.

Who is the female NHL announcer?

Hextall joined the ESPN broadcast team in 2021, where she serves as a commentator for select NHL games. The first woman to call play by play for a nationally televised NHL game, Hextall did so as part of Sportsnet’s first all-female broadcast team in March 2020.