Has any NHL goalie scored a goal?

Which goalies scored a goal in the NHL?


Name Team Method of scoring goal
Chris Osgood Detroit Red Wings SOG
Martin Brodeur New Jersey Devils SOG
Damian Rhodes Ottawa Senators Own goal (Lyle Odelein)
Martin Brodeur (2) New Jersey Devils Own goal (Daymond Langkow)

Did a goalie ever scored a goal?

On December 8th, 1987, former Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ron Hextall was the first goalie in NHL history to score a goal from an actual shot on goal. Nine different goalies have combined to score 11 NHL goals. Ron Hextall and Martin Brodeur are the only two who have accomplished the rare feat twice.

Who was the first goalkeeper to score?

The first recorded instance of a goalkeeper scoring a goal direct from a goal-kick was on April 14th 1900 when Manchester City’s Charlie Williams beat his opposite number, J.E. Doig, in the Sunderland goal.

Who scored the most goals as a goalkeeper?

Records. The record for most goals is held by the Brazilian Rogério Ceni, with 131 goals.

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Who scored the very first goal in the NHL?

Wanderers defenseman Dave Ritchie scored the first goal in NHL history (one minute into the game) and Harry Hyland had five for Montreal; Reg Noble scored four goals for Toronto.

What NHL goalie has the most wins?

NHL History – Goalie Wins Leaders

Goalie Wins Leaders
1 Martin Brodeur 691
2 Patrick Roy 551

How often do goalies score in NHL?

While there have been 15 goals scored by goalies, there have only been 12 goalies to score; Ron Hextall scored two and Martin Brodeur scored three. Of the 15 goals scored, only eight of them have been scored by legitimate shots on goal from the goaltender’s stick to the net at the other end of the ice.

Who was the last goalkeeper to score in the Premier League?

It wasn’t until the 10th season of Premier League football that a goalkeeper to finally find the net in the Premier League and it was Peter Schmeichel who did it during his time at Aston Villa.

Who is the best goalkeeper of all-time?

1List of top 10 best goalkeepers in the world

S.no Name Matches Played
1 Gianluigi Buffon 1113
2 Iker Cassilas 1049
3 Petr Čech 907
4 Edwin Van Der Sar 951

Has any goalkeeper ever scored a hat trick?

Definatly Jose Luis Chilavert. He has scored about 56 goals in his career and is the only goalkeeper to have ever scored an hat-trick in professional football.

What’s the quickest goal ever scored?

However, the fastest goal officially recognised by the Football Association was during a 2004 amateur match between Cowes Sports Res. v Eastleigh Res. Marc Burrows scored the opening goal in just 2.56 seconds of the game.

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Can a goalkeeper score a goal from a goal kick?

A player can score a goal directly from a goal-kick. If the goalkeeper takes the goal-kick and the ball goes directly into the opposition’s goal, the referee will award a goal. However, if the ball goes into the player’s own goal from a goal kick, the referee will award a corner kick to the opposition.