How do I choose a hockey stick UK?

A defensive player or midfielder may prefer a longer stick in order to drive the ball further, and an offensive player might select a shorter stick for better handling and control. Sticks can range from 28” – 37.5” or more. Typically, the stick should come up to the top of your hip bone.

How do I know what hockey stick to buy?

Rule of thumb: Start with a flex that’s half your body weight and adjust from there. Height: Standing in your stocking feet, toe of the blade on the floor and between your feet, stick parallel to your body, the butt of the shaft should reach your nose — no higher than your brow, for sure, no lower than your chin.

What size hockey stick do I need UK?

Hockey Stick Size Guide

32″ 130 – 137 4’3″ – 4’6″
34″ 137 – 152 4’6″ – 5′
35″ 152 – 161 5′ – 5’3″
36.5″ 161 – 178 5’3″ – 5’10”

What hockey sticks do the England team use?

Grays Field Hockey

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From humble beginnings in England, Grays now sponsors many professional players all over the globe. Grays has been an innovator in field hockey stick technology since the beginning of the sport, being one of the first field hockey stick brands to produce a fully composite stick.

What size hockey stick do I need for my height?

The average hockey stick size for adults is 36.5 inches.

Hockey Sticks Length.

Player Height Stick Length
Below 4 ft 30 inch
4ft – 4ft 7in 32 inch
4ft ‘7in – 5ft 34 inch
5ft – 5ft 4in 36 inch

How do you determine hockey stick size?

To measure, you should hold your stick at your side and the top should be 2 inches below your waist. The Dutch method is based on holding the head of the stick in your armpit. The stick should end near the middle of your kneecap. Field hockey sticks’ length varies from 28” to 38”.

How do you measure a hockey stick without skates?

A good way to measure your stick is to stand, without skates in your stocking feet, on a flat surface. Place the toe of your stick on the ground between your feet. Lean the stick straight up-and-down so the handle of the stick touches the tip of your nose.

What is considered as the ideal weight of hockey stick?

2.17 The total weight of the stick must not exceed 737 grams. 2.18 Ball speed must not be greater than 98 % of stick head speed under test conditions.

Are Malik field hockey sticks good?

Sportcom LLC Malik

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It is made of durable and sturdy materials. Its grip provides you the best control over the ball and also allows for powerful hitting power as well. It is the ideal hockey stick for drag-flickers and offensive forwards.

Is STX a good hockey stick brand?

STX is considered one of if not the most popular field hockey brands because it caters to every equipment need of a field hockey player. STX does not just focus on producing field hockey sticks, but it also makes shin guards, eye protective gear, and other accessories like travel bags.

Are TK field hockey sticks good?

TK Field Hockey brings players their trusted reputation of top-quality field hockey sticks and new innovated technology. TK is regarded as one of the world’s leading independent global hockey brands. For over 30 years the brands reputation for quality, innovation and design has preceded it.

How long should a youth hockey stick be?

The standard stick length is as follows: Junior = 46-53 inches. Intermediate = 54 inches. Senior = 56-63 inches.