How do you become a hockey scout?

How do you become a scout for hockey?

Generally speaking, there are only two routes into the scouting profession at NHL level. The first is to become a star hockey player, usually one who is said to possess “character.” When that player’s career ends, his team wants to find a spot for him “in the game” and will often offer up a scouting job.

What do hockey scouts look for in players?

So, what do hockey scouts really look for? It’s a question every serious hockey player will ask as he or she approaches Bantam and beyond. Scouts rate players in five main categories: skating, size, game sense, character and skill.

What makes a good hockey scout?

A skilled player who has a great grasp on the game looks even better to a hockey scout. You should be training your critical thinking as much as your physical ability. Parents often spend hundreds on lessons for the body’s abilities, but never get into the realm of mental/situational training.

How much does an NHL scout make?

“NHL scouts tend make between $50,000 and $100,000 US a year depending on the team and how long they have been scouting for.

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How do you become a hockey agent?

To become a Player Agent in the National Hockey League you must apply through the National Hockey League Players’ Association. The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) requires player agents to complete an Agent Certification Program.

How many scouts do NHL teams have?

Six of the 15 scouts, or 40 percent, are employed part time by the team.

What do hockey coaches look for?

Today, coaches would prefer to offer a roster spot to a recruit with strong skating skills, fast twitch muscles, foot speed, good puck control, quickness and agility and junior hockey playing experience.

How do you get invited to WHL camp?

When a player is drafted, he is notified by the club and is invited to either a spring/summer camp or to the team’s rookie camp in the fall. Players who are not drafted can be invited to a team’s rookie camp in the fall, or can be listed by a WHL club at any time after the Bantam Draft.

How do you become an NHL scout?

To reach the big time, you’ll need a combination of knowledge about hockey player skills, a good intuition, some detective skills, a strong passion for the game, and the willingness to live life on the road. Drive, determination, and the ability to outwork other scouts will help improve your odds of success.

How do you get drafted to the WHL?

The WHL Bantam Draft is an annual outing, in which the Club’s of the Western Hockey League select players who have graduated from bantam. The draft’s order of selection depends on where the team finishes in the League standings. The Club’s that miss the playoffs are placed into a lottery for the 1st round only.

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How do you get scouted for junior hockey?

How to Get Noticed in Hockey

  1. Get Noticed in Hockey Tryouts. Regardless of the hockey team that you are currently playing with, always train hard for each game as if that is the only chance you have to impress a scout. …
  2. Market yourself. …
  3. Get in touch with college and NHL hockey scouts and coaches.