What cleats should I get for field hockey?

What type of cleats are best for field hockey?

If you’re looking for a molded cleat feel, the Adidas Ace 16.1 is an excellent option. These cleats also double as soccer boots, combining the necessary features and technology to serve both field hockey and soccer players well. Ace 16.1 cleats are a synthetic sure.

Are there field hockey cleats?

Get a Grip with Field Hockey Cleats

Find your grip on a range of surfaces and in a variety of playing conditions. Shop traditional cleats that will help you keep your footing, even on muddy fields, and field hockey shoes that are designed for wear on both indoor and outdoor turf.

Can you wear lacrosse cleats for field hockey?

While in a pinch, you can use field hockey mid-cut cleats in lacrosse, but you cannot use lacrosse cleats in field hockey because lacrosse cleats are not fit with cushions on the heel to protect your heels from being hit with a hockey stick.

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How do you choose field hockey shoes?

It is best to choose your shoes based on which surface you will be playing most on. For both grass and turf, a cleated shoe (non-metal) is advisable. The cleats on a turf shoe however, are shorter and provide more grip than the longer cleats of a grass shoe, which help with grip on a wet or muddy grass pitch.

Can I use softball cleats for field hockey?

On the outer soles, softball cleats have molded cleats that make the gear lighter and comfortable for beginners. They are also suitable for off-field practice since they offer more traction, and they do not tear up the training facility as the field hockey cleats.

What do you need for field hockey?

Safe Field Hockey Gear

  1. Cleats. Choose a pair of shoes with molded cleats or ribbed soles. …
  2. Shin guards. Field hockey shin guards, which are made of plastic and foam, wrap farther around the lower leg and offer more ankle protection than soccer shin guards. …
  3. Safety or sports glasses.
  4. Mouthguards. …
  5. Gloves. …
  6. Masks.

What are field cleats?

Firm-ground cleats can be played on turf or artificial grass fields. Firm-ground cleats usually feature plastic molded studs to offer the best traction on the playing surface. Soft ground cleats often feature removable studs that can be made of metal, plastic, or rubber.

What size field hockey stick should I get?


4’7″ – 5′ 34″ Shop 34″ Sticks
5’1″ – 5’3″ 35-35.5″ Shop 35 – 35.5″ Sticks
5’4″-5’9″ 36-36.5″ Shop 36 – 36.5″ Sticks
5’10” & Over 37-37.5″ Shop 37 – 37.5″ Sticks
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Are metal cleats allowed in field hockey?

1988 Bases designed to disengage their anchor systems for safety purposes are legal. 1989 Metal cleats are permitted.

Are softball cleats the same as field hockey?

Softball cleats are made with rubber studs or nub treads patterns that are more of a sneaker than spikes. The rubber studs are for better gripping and traction when one is playing in artificial turf. On the other hand, field hockey cleats spikes are made from metals, not ideal for playing in an artificial ground.

Is field hockey or lacrosse harder?

Lacrosse is a more difficult sport to play than field hockey due to its fast-paced nature, its stricter rules, and the generally more complex techniques required to transport the ball successfully from one end of the field to another.

What’s the difference between soccer and field hockey cleats?

On a grass field, players use cleats, with long rubber studs on the bottom of the shoe. Soccer cleats are great to wear for playing field hockey as well. … On most turf fields, you would not want to wear cleats because the cleats stick to the surface and make it harder to run and cut.

Can you wear sneakers for field hockey?

Asics Field Hockey Shoes

These are often considered the best in class when it comes to desirable field hockey shoes. They are the ideal hockey shoes when you are playing on hard ground, turf, or even wet surfaces.

Do hockey shoes have studs?

The cleats improve your grip on the unstable muddy surface underfoot as they are slightly raised studs. There are a variety of shoes suitable for field hockey whether you play on the outdoor grass or turf. … Hockey shoes are flexible and comfortable as you would need increased stability when playing.

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Can you wear football boots for hockey?

People will often ask whether football boots can be worn on an artificial hockey surface, but the important thing to remember is that metal studs or blades are generally designed for wet or muddy natural grass pitches.