What happens when you put a negative charge near the hockey puck?

What do you think would happen if you placed two negative charges next to each other? Answer: The charges would move away from each other.

How will a distant negative charge affect the puck?

if you were to use a positive charge that would repel the puck, but if you were to use a negative charge it would attract. … the charges would move away from each other.

What happens when a positive hockey puck interacts with 1 negative charge?

Charged particles move apart when they are opposite charges. If the puck is positive, then it will go towards a negative particle. The direction depends on the charge of the particle, and where it is placed. … As you put charges onto the playing area, arrows appear on the puck.

What is the charge of the hockey puck?

2. Play Electric Field Hockey: the hockey puck is a positive charge, and you use other charges to create an electric field that pushes the puck around obstacles and into the goal.

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How did the distance between the puck and the charges affect the motion of the puck?

The closer the proton is to the puck, the farther the puck will travel. If a electron is put near the puck, the arrow will point towards the electron because the puck and electrons attract.

How would the arrows look if the puck was negative?

The direction that the charged particles will push the puck. … The positive charges have arrows pointing away from it, and the negative particles have arrows pointing towards it.

How negative and positive charges compare and contrast?

Electric field lines always point away from positive charges and toward negative charges. Therefrore, positive charges will move in the direction of the field; negative charges will move opposite the electric field.

What happens when you change the mass of the hockey puck?

The positively charged puck repels away from the positive charge. When the mass is changed to a heavier mass the puck moves a lot slower and when it is changed to a lighter mass the puck moves quicker.

What is the relationship between distance and the strength of the electric field around a charged body?

The strength of an electric field as created by source charge Q is inversely related to square of the distance from the source. This is known as an inverse square law. Electric field strength is location dependent, and its magnitude decreases as the distance from a location to the source increases.

What is electric field equation?

The electric field E is defined to be E=Fq E = F q , where F is the Coulomb or electrostatic force exerted on a small positive test charge q. E has units of N/C. The magnitude of the electric field E created by a point charge Q is E=k|Q|r2 E = k | Q | r 2 , where r is the distance from Q.

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How electric fields are like gravitation fields and how they differ?

They both act between two bodies without any means of contact. However gravitational force acts on mass while the electric force acts on charge. Gravitational force are only attractive while electric field can be attractive/repulsive. Electric field is much stronger than gravitational field.