What is hockey flat foot?

Does flat feet affect hockey?

Summary. Flat-footed players can experience pain and discomfort caused by several different factors. Thankfully, wearing properly fitting skates and using custom skate inserts can relieve these problems.

Does being flat footed affect skating?

Flat feet do not commonly affect skateboarding, but an increase in physical activity could lead to foot pain or weakening of arches.

Are CCM skates wider than Bauer?

Both skates minimize the extra space in the boot and try to make the skate fit as closely as possible, but if you have wider feet we would recommend trying the Bauer Vapor skate line before the CCM due to the tapered fit.

Do CCM skates run wide?

If you are looking more for a high performance pair of hockey skates for wide feet, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro. This line of CCM’s is still the medium fit design as far as volume goes, but they do come in EE wide sizing.

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Why do my feet hurt after ice skating?

Without thin socks, you can get painful corns and blisters. Lace your skates tight enough so that they fit is snug, but not painfully tight. Lacing boots too tightly can cause lace bite, a condition that causes sharp foot pain due to compressed tendons.

What are Bauer speed plate used for?

SPEED PLATE™ is thermoformable and molds to your foot, customizing your skates for optimal balance and stability. Sold as a pair.

How do I stop my feet from hurting when skating?

Warm up your muscles and stretch before skating.

As with any sport or physical activity, you should always warm up and stretch before skating. Gentle stretching every day can help reduce pain from Plantar fasciitis and also loosen up your Achilles tendon.

How do you protect your feet when skateboarding?

Always wear a helmet and knee, elbow, and wrist guards. Follow these tips to protect the ankles and feet: Shoes — Shoes should have flat soles designed to grip the skateboard deck, and should be slip-ons or have laces which leave little excess lacing hanging over the top of the shoe.

What does CCM stand for?


Acronym Definition
CCM Counter-Counter Measure
CCM Change Configuration Management
CCM Central Configuration Manager (computer server management tool)
CCM Comprehensive Case Management

What skate do most NHL players wear?

More than two-thirds of NHL players wear Bauer skates. Some of those players may use aftermarket blades (more on those in a bit), but when Bauer introduces a new runner, it’s usually a big deal. The LIGHTSPEED 5 Carbon EDGE, new for 2018, is no exception.

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What skates does McDavid wear?

When he takes the ice, McDavid speeds up and down the arena in CCM JetSpeed skates, and now Upper Deck Authenticated is offering autographed pairs of the same style he wears.

Can you put regular insoles in hockey skates?

Despite the Speed Plates being a Bauer product, you can fit them to any skate you want. For any adjustments, you can simply trim the insole down to fit correctly inside your boot.

What does D mean in hockey skate size?

While the way a manufacturer classifies the fit of a skate may vary, the common rule used by skate manufacturers is: skate width size D is a standard width skate size (Medium Volume) and skate width size EE is a wide width skate size (High Volume).

Do CCM skates run smaller than Bauer?

Bauer, CCM, and True hockey skates normally fit 1 to 1½ sizes smaller than your shoe size.