Who has the best power play in the NHL?

Who has the best power play in the NHL right now?

Edmonton Oilers (Previous Ranking: 1)

The power play is their strongest asset, by far, with an absolutely insane 41.9% effectiveness rating. Penalty kill wise, they’re also at the top of the league, with a 88.1% kill rate.

Which NHL team has the best power play percentage?

The Pittsburgh Penguins have the best power-play percentage by a team, at 20.6 percent.

Pittsburgh Penguins 3268 3,477
Detroit Red Wings 3268 3,628
New York Rangers 3268 3,479
Calgary Flames 3268 3,541

Who has the number 1 power play in the NHL?


1 Oilers 87.1
8 Maple Leafs 86.7
9 Avalanche 75.5
10 Blue Jackets 83.6
11 Sabres 78.9

Which NHL team has the worst power play?

Other season records

  • Greatest Goal Differential: +216, by the 1976–77 Montreal Canadiens.
  • Lowest Goal Differential: -265, by the 1974–75 Washington Capitals.
  • Best Power Play Percentage in a Season: 31.88%, by the 1977–78 Montreal Canadiens.
  • Worst Power Play Percentage in a Season: 8.94%, by the 2020–21 Anaheim Ducks.

Who has the best powerplay?

Ranking NHL’s five most productive power-play units

  1. Winnipeg Jets (Pionk, Copp, Dubois, Ehlers, Perreault) …
  2. Carolina Hurricanes (Hamilton, Aho, Staal, Svechnikov, Trocheck) …
  3. Minnesota Wild (Spurgeon, Bonino, Fiala, Kaprizov, Rask) …
  4. New York Rangers (Fox, Kreider, Panarin, Strome, Zibanejad)
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What NHL team has the most short handed goals 2021?

The St. Louis Blues have scored the most shorthanded goals by a team this season, with 3 scored.

Washington Capitals 2021-22 27.08
San Jose Sharks 2021-22 29.75
Montreal Canadiens 2021-22 30.00
Boston Bruins 2021-22 27.90

Who is first in the metropolitan division?

Template:2021–22 NHL Metropolitan Division standings

Pos Team v t e Pts
1 Washington Capitals 33
2 Carolina Hurricanes 31
3 New York Rangers 29
4 Pittsburgh Penguins 25

What is NHL power-play?

The hockey power play is when one team receives a penalty and it results in the penalized team having to play short handed for a minimum of two minutes, sometimes longer. The penalized team has 1 penalty they have to play with four players against the other team’s five players, known as a 5 on 4 power play.