Who is the CEO of CCM hockey?

Who is Rick Blackshaw?

Rick Blackshaw is the Chief Executive Officer of CCM Hockey, a Montreal-based and Canadian-owned company with roots dating back 120 years. CCM is a leading hockey equipment brand for most professional, as well as amateur hockey players all over the world.

Is CCM owned by Bauer?

“We are made of hockey, and we are Canadian,” he said. Earlier this year the owner of CCM rival Bauer, Performance Sports Group Ltd., was sold for $575-million (U.S.) to Sagard Holdings Inc. and Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.

Is CCM owned by Adidas?

In June 2004, The Hockey Company was bought by Reebok. … CCM is now the only brand name used by the company on its hockey equipment. In 2017, Adidas sold CCM to a Canadian private equity firm, Birch Hill Equity Partners, for around $100 million.

How many employees does CCM hockey have?

With 500 employees, 400 of whom are based at its Saint-Laurent head office, and a new world-class management team, CCM has implemented a dynamic business structure rooted in innovation.

What hockey stick did Gretzky use?

But as a youngster, Gretzky used a Koho stick. We learned that recently when an anonymous bidder paid $38,838 at an auction managed by Heritage Auctions for the Koho stick Gretzky used to score the 1,000th goal of his life as a 13-year-old with the Brantford Turkstra Lumber squad.

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Who owns Vic hockey?

Bauer Hockey

Industry Sports equipment
Headquarters Exeter, New Hampshire , United States
Products – Ice hockey equipment – inline skates * some equipment also used in ringette
Owner Peak Achievement Athletics Inc.
Website bauer.com

Why did Adidas sell CCM?

MONTREAL — German sportswear manufacturer Adidas has announced an agreement to sell its CCM hockey-equipment subsidiary to a Canadian firm for US$110 million. … Adidas said the decision is in line with its desire to refocus its activities on footwear and sportswear through its Reebok and Adidas brands.

Who bought Cooper hockey?

Canstar Sports Inc., the parent company of hockey product manufacturer Bauer Hockey, acquired the hockey division of Cooper in 1990, and was itself acquired by Nike five years later.

What is CCM stand for?


Acronym Definition
CCM Comprehensive Case Management
CCM Corporate Case Management
CCM Central Control Module (automotive)
CCM Communications in Contemporary Mathematics

Who bought true hockey?

True Temper Sports, a global sporting goods leader, today announced the launch of its new ice hockey brand, TRUE Hockey. True Temper has a long history as an original equipment manufacturer hockey supplier, designing, engineering and manufacturing more than 2 million hockey sticks within the past decade.

How much money does CCM make a year?

A RN CCM in your area makes on average $81,065 per year, or $1,875 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $79,190.

Where is Bauer headquarters located?

ALL OUT is CCM’s new global brand platform, built on their own never-ending commitment to go all out, all the time, on and off the ice. It is proof that CCM lives by the same code as the players. A belief that the road to the next level never ends.

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