Why did Edmonton trade Wayne Gretzky?

Shortly after winning the 1988 Stanley Cup, Gretzky was told by his father that the Oilers were looking to trade him. Pocklington’s business ventures weren’t doing well and he was in dire need of some cash. As a result, he was shopping Gretzky around with the demand of getting $15 million back in return.

What did Edmonton get for Wayne Gretzky?

Gretzky, McSorley and center Mike Krushelnyski went to the Kings in exchange for center Jimmy Carson, wing Martin Gelinas, first-round draft picks in 1989, 1991 and 1993, and $15 million. Moments before the Edmonton press conference, Pocklington and Sather pulled Gretzky aside and offered to call off the trade.

When did Gretzky leave Edmonton?

Gretzky left the Kings when he was traded to the St. Louis Blues on Feb. 27, 1996.

Who won the Gretzky trade?

The Oilers traded Gretzky, forward Mike Krusheinyski and defenseman-winger Marty McSorley to the Kings for center Jimmy Carson, left wing Martin Gelinas, first-round draft choices in 1989, ’91 and ’93, plus cash in excess of $10 million.

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How much money did Bruce McNall have to pay for Gretzky?

“I realized when we got him, we had paid $15 million for him and I’d only have him for a year,” McNall said of Gretzky. “So, we had to do a new contract, and he knew that. So, I went to Wayne and I asked what he thought, and he said, ‘I don’t have a clue,’ and I said that I didn’t either.

Why did Wayne Gretzky get removed from the Hall of Fame?

After his retirement in 1999, Gretzky was immediately inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, making him the most recent player to have the waiting period waived. The NHL retired his jersey number 99 league-wide, making him the only player to receive such an honour.

Wayne Gretzky.

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Who is the greatest hockey player ever?

1. Wayne Gretzky. Canadian former ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky is “the greatest hockey player ever,” according to The Top 100 NHL Player of All-time by NHL. He was nicknamed “The Great One” for his huge contribution to ice hockey history.

What made Gretzky so good?

1. Versatility and athleticism: Gretzky was versatile in a demanding and rugged team sport. Hockey focuses on a myriad of athletic attributes—many of the same varied skills utilized, for the most part, by basketball, football and soccer players, widely considered among the best athletes.

Who did the Blues trade for Gretzky?

Louis shipped forwards Craig Johnson, Roman Vopat, and Patrice Tardif to the Los Angeles Kings to obtain Gretzky. They also included their 5th round pick in the 1996 draft (Peter Hogan) and their 1st round pick in the 1997 draft (Matt Zultek) as part of the deal. Neither Hogan nor Zultek ever played a game in the NHL.

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How many times Gretzky traded?

There is a saying in hockey when asked about a player potentially getting traded that goes: If Gretzky got traded anyone can get traded. In his NHL tenure Gretzky ended up getting traded twice, and signed with a new team as an unrestricted free agent once bringing his total to play for four teams.

What happened to Bruce McNall?

He was sentenced to 70 months in prison. … McNall was released in 2001 after his sentence was reduced by 13 months for good behavior. He was on probation until 2006. McNall remained on good terms with many of his former players, with Wayne Gretzky, Rob Blake, Luc Robitaille and others visiting him in prison.

What is Bruce McNall net worth?

McNall, who estimates his net worth between $150 million and $200 million, made his fortune buying and selling ancient coins, but he has since branched out.

What team does Gretzky own?

His career totals include 2,857 points and 894 goals. The NHL retired his jersey number (99) after his final game. Gretzky became a minority owner of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes in 2000, and he was named the Coyotes’ head coach in 2005.

How long was Bruce McNall in jail?

The glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle were long gone. In 1994, McNall pleaded guilty to two counts of bank fraud and single counts of conspiracy and wire fraud. McNall spent 70 months in jail and still owes the banks. On top of this, McNall admitted to smuggling ancient artifacts into the United States.

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